Algonquin Park Photo Roundup + Tips

Algonquin Provincial Park is somewhere I make a point of getting to every so often. Just three hours from Toronto and one of Ontario’s largest parks, the countless lakes and vast forest make it a premier destination for portaging, hiking and camping. The outdoor activities and a fantastic art & cultural scene means there truly is something for everyone here.


Centennial Ridge Trail – well worth the 10km hike.
June is peak blackfly & mosquito season, so come prepared during this month. (Seriously, we had to sprint some of these trails to escape! Wish we had mosquito nets.) July and August are definitely more enjoyable.
Canoeing is one of the staple activities in Algonquin Park. Lakes & rivers are endless here, so don’t miss your chance for some of the best canoeing in the country!
Look for moose on rainy days in roadside bog & swamp areas. Dusk and dawn is the best time.
You will see wildlife daily at Algonquin Park. Geese are common, but look out for black bears, beavers, eagles, foxes, moose, deer, and even wolves.
Come prepared to get outside!
Kearney Lake campground has some well placed waterfront campsites.



We spent about a week camping at Algonquin for this particular trip, but of course you could keep busy for much longer here. Have you visited the park? Please share your favourite spots in the comments!

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